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Jenny Matkovich

A hands-on, big picture, results-driven marketing leader with 14 years of experience developing and delivering marketing programs and partnerships for SaaS products and technology companies.


A marketing communications enthusiast by profession and education with experience in fast-paced, dynamic, technical environments at start-up, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 companies.

I started my career with Cerner Corporation as a SaaS portfolio marketing lead and found my niche in acquisition and product brand development and management. My solution portfolio annual revenue grew by over $100 million.


Since Cerner, I've developed the brand and product marketing strategy for a tech consulting startup based out of Los Angeles – and doubled the business. I've also led the marketing strategy for a technology distribution company called Sandler Partners contributing to 40% growth.


And as a Marketing Director at MarketCast, I oversaw all marketing campaigns and the go-to-market strategy for its entertainment analytics products after bringing the brands under one parent company. Today, I lead product marketing and all communications for Zultys, a SaaS unified communication provider achieving steady YoY growth.

I am a lifelong learner and serve as the President of the International Association of Business Communicators for Los Angeles. I hold a bachelor’s degree in marketing and management and a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications. 

Career Highlights

Customer Care


Technology Product Marketing Executive 

July 2020 – Present

As VP of Marketing at Zultys, I recruited and onboarded a new cohort of resellers to sell our Unified Communications SaaS product. This initiative now contributes 5% to our total company revenue, marking it as a significant growth vector. These new partners have become the fastest-growing revenue stream for the company, at a 126% growth rate.

During my time at Sandler Partners, a technology solution broker, my marketing team and I empowered agents with the knowledge and skillset to sell cloud services, IoT and mobility, and comprehensive security packages. These efforts contributed to Sandler Partners' 40% annual growth and their twelfth consecutive appearance on the Inc. 5000 List.

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May BU Marketing Analytics and Strategy
SBJ and SBD Evolution

Marketing Leadership

MarketCast, Jan. 2018 – Feb. 2020

As the Marketing Director at MarketCast, I oversaw a $1.5M company-wide rebranding initiative and created the go-to-market strategy for all new research products after acquiring three new companies.


I managed the team responsible for all communications functions, from product marketing to internal communications and public relations.

Building a Marketing Program from the Ground Up

T2 Tech Group, Mar. 2016 – Dec. 2017

I was responsible for designing and implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy to firmly establish and increase brand awareness while supporting lead generation, partnership activations, and sales activity.

Product Portfolio Management

Cerner Corporation, Sept. 2009 – Jan. 2016

I managed the integrated marketing communication strategy for the CareAware platform at Cerner ( a healthcare IT leader with nearly $5 billion in revenue and 20,000+ associates) for seven years. I led the front in strengthening the brand through focused marketing strategy by unifying sales and engineering, while creating the go-to-market strategy for more than a dozen software offerings. I worked across product teams, agency vendors, and hardware manufacturing partners.


I oversaw myriad marketing projects, including - but not limited to - managing video production of multi-national video solution demos with partner and client testimonials, naming strategy development for software platforms and acquired and in-house developed product and service portfolios, and directing marketing and creating content throughout the product life cycle. During my integrated marketing efforts, the CareAware platform annual revenue grew over 300%.

"She is a communications professional with the ability to build marketing infrastructures (i.e., branding and style guides, branded collateral creation, template creation, internal newsletters) to create awareness and strengthen brands."

MarketCast Team Associate

"Jenny is a passionate and experienced marketer who brings focus, momentum and positivity to her teams. She is patient and understanding, yet incredibly determined and skilled as both a marketing strategist and a leader."

Fellow IABCLA Board Member

"By nature she has an optimistic, positive attitude and works well in a diplomatic but assertive way with teammates and stakeholders across the organization. A very valuable member of the team."

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I'm based in Southern California, currently living in the heart of Los Angeles. For inquiries about my past marketing leadership projects, please contact me by phone or email.


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